1. Develop confidence

If you have full faith in your partner, and you feel that he/ she needs to know everything about you, then nothing can shake your relationship. This is the foundation of trust. Be truthful! When one person is coming to you to tell the truth, the other needs to receive it in the best possible manner. In this manner, both of you develop this confidence that, you can communicate anything to each other. It will become comfortable for you. In fact, you can confide and urburden your heart at the same time.

The hands of adult caucasian heterosexual couple, holding eachoter on top of a marble table.

2. First you!

During conflicts, you tend to go harsh just to put your point and feelings above each others. You might also become sure that your point of view is more relevant and genuine. But this way, who is going to win? Anyway, it’s not a race (tell yourself this again and again). Instead do opposite, give free space to your partner to put across his/her issues and problems. This way your partner will develop respect for you. Secondly, they become calm to listen to your side of the story, also there will be no complaint about you being a bad listener.


3. Start appreciating 

C’mon if you both stepped into this relationship, there must have been something you really liked about each other. Tell your partner about those things. Start appreciating and showing gratitude towards each other. Of course you put all your energy when you shout complaint and go harsh, right? Then obviously you can put an equal amount while loving, appreciating and showing respect. The way a plant needs water and care every day, relationships also need some affection and care every day. So start exercising this!


4. Yes, flirting is the spice

A healthy flirting is indeed the spice of your bond. You cannot deny the fact how he pulled you towards himself or how you reciprocated in your initial days. Bring that zing back. It’s a way to feel that chemistry between you.

happy romantic sensual couple in love together outdoors on summer vacation

5. Do an activity together

At times you feel like there is a void in life and it has become boring or tasteless. This hampers your relationship as well. Working together and indulging in some activity will give you a reason to stay connected and feel that required team work. No matter what went wrong today or happened in your professional life, you will always have something to look forward to in your routine (and somebody to go back to). This also lets you spend some quality time together. You will never run out of reasons/topics of your lovely conversations. You will not have to forcefully think, what to do together or what to talk about. It’s painful when it becomes a duty to find topics to talk about. Isn’t?


Imagine yourself dancing with your partner to those beats.


Or racing. The one who loses is the chef tonight…


Neah… may be 5 more minutes.. Its still very thin! *wink*

6. Talk about your own mistakes first.

Taking responsibility of your mistakes is very important. Nobody is perfect. Your partner also knows this. Therefore, accepting that you are at fault is absolutely okay. In fact, this gesture is rare. If you both sit across a table and before pin pointing each other’s faults you start with your acceptance part first, it might work wonders. In the end you both will be left with nothing but a lot of respect, smiles and everything sorted. Ever tried this?

couple sitting and talking

7. No cold wars, please!

If you are avoiding the conversation, it means you are leaving your partner with a lot of negative thoughts and grief. In all this time, in which you have not talked it out, he/she must have pondered over this mess and a lot must have settled there in your partner’s mind. Can you really afford this? Never leave an argument or discussion unsettled.


8. Laugh- out- loud

There is a set of positive emotions and expressions that must be taken care of.  And ‘laugh’ is the most significant one. This is something which gives you that ‘we -are -happy -together’ feeling even in bad times. Laughing is another way of celebrating togetherness. The day in which you have not laughed is a waste. Find reasons to stay happy and laugh- out- loud TOGETHER at least once every day. May be on a joke, an incident, a prank, a movie scene, an old memory or so.


9. Make future plans

Planning your life together keeps you connected. It adds meaning to your relationship.
‘Why you are together?’
‘Where are you heading towards?’
Answer is – to fulfill these dreams together… As planned.
It tells you, this bond is not temporary. There is a security in life. And during this you also realize about each other’s aspiration. After all it’s just one life.


10. Take good care of each other’s comfort before anything else

Anything in this world grows when it finds a comfortable environment. This is nature’s rule. Do not challenge this; also do not expect your partner to become someone which he/she is not. Or else, it’s a dead relationship already. Yes, relationships demand sacrifices but transformation of a person is not a sacrifice. Rather, you might choose a different person only, if the gap is that big. Doesn’t that make more sense? Therefore, be what suits you and keep this thing mutual. Have that space in your heart as well, where you fit the person the way he or she is. Remember, you just need to give a comfortable environment to your partner and relationship. And your relationship will flourish.


11. Treat each other well

No, this is not that common. Treating good always has become rare. High time you show some chivalry. Chivalry involves such gestures that make your woman feel good about her.  If you can treat external world in a good manner then obviously you can treat your partner in an even better way. Opening door for her and a woman serving him first on a dinner table is a good gesture. Do not stop impressing each other just because you are together now.


Wouldn’t she feel good about herself and smile when you do this? And that smile would be because this small effort of yours.


Wouldn’t he feel loved just because of that dose of extra attention this morning? What does is take to begin his day like this?

So people its time to re mend things and it wont be a lot of efforts if done together. So start now and celebrate togetherness. May you all bring back your early days.

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